3D60o Dataset

3D Vision Indoors Spherical Panoramas

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3D60 Repositories

The 3D60 dataset is split in three parts, each one representing a different viewpoint (i.e. left/down/center, right and up), and each one containing all three available modalities (i.e. color image, depth and normal maps)

Each part is uploaded on Zenodo as a distinct repository and thus, for each part a separate access request needs to be made on the respective Zenodo repository using the links below:

Viewpoint Zenodo repository
Central (i.e. Left/Down) Central Viewpoint Request Link
Right Right Viewpoint Request Link
Up Up Viewpoint Request Link

Please note that before performing the request, make sure that you have correctly filled in the Google Form accepting the licencing conditions of each 3D dataset.

Real Domain Only Version: A real domain only version is now also available in Real Domain Only Request Link. This version includes only the samples from Matterport3D and Stanford2D3D, skipping the entire SunCG dataset. It also contains all modalities (i.e. color, depth and normal information) and all stereo viewpoints (i.e. center, right and up) bundled up in a single Zenodo repository. The same process applies, first the Google Form needs to be filled in and then a request can be made to the Zenodo repository.